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Our services

Our services

Fulfillment services are a key component of e-commerce businesses that aim to facilitate merchants as well as create a better experience for the end user.

Our services


We have a modern warehouse, located on 2000 square meters, providing the possibility to store products of all types and sizes. We are conveniently located next to Sofia Airport, in the immediate vicinity of major logistics hubs, which ensures maximum easy and quick access to your products. With us you store various types of goods such as appliances, clothes, cosmetics, books and many others. Each product receives a unique barcode before it is passed through our warehouse system, after which it is placed on a shelf, box or pallet, depending on its size. The racking system in our warehouse provides us with an unfolded area of 1600 square meters, as well as 1000 pallet spaces.

Order processing

When an order is received, it is allocated to a picking protocol, after which the software guides the picker to the exact location of the product in the warehouse. The products are then distributed among containers in the packing area, with each container containing a separate order. In the last step, we check all the products from the order, print a bill of lading and pack. This 3-step verification process ensures that order fulfillment errors are minimized.
The process of packing orders also includes the placement of additional documents, such as invoices, acceptance and delivery protocols, as well as promotional materials at your request. We also offer kitting and subscription boxes, thereby increasing the value of your orders and solving the problem of products that remain in stock for a long time. We process and ship orders the same day we receive them, depending on when they are received.


Fast and reliable delivery is essential for any online retailer to be competitive in the market. At iHub, we ship your orders throughout the European Union, as well as the United States and Great Britain. We send a large volume of orders every day, thanks to which we have agreed preferential prices for delivery with all our courier partners. We offer delivery to the customer's address, courier office or pick up point. We deliver in 1 day in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.
We deliver to the following destinations: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland , Sweden, Luxembourg, Israel, Ireland, Great Britain, USA


You easily connect your online store with our software through our API, regardless of the platform you use. Through our integration, we automatically receive the orders in our system, which greatly facilitates the work process and eliminates the risk of errors. By integrating with us, you get access to our entire courier network through just one API.

Branded packaging materials

The first impression your customer gets after the purchase is when they receive and open the product. A major role in this stage of interaction with the consumer is played by the packaging of the product. According to a study, 40% of consumers are more likely to repeat an order if the online retailer has used branded and more detailed packaging. Using this type of packaging increases the recognition of your brand and its lasting presence in the mind of the customer. It is for this reason that at iHub we provide you with branded packaging materials tailored to the needs of your online store. We help you in the whole process from choosing the type of packaging to preparing the design.

Cash on delivery

The most widespread payment methods in online commerce are online payments and cash on delivery. Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment method in which the customer pays for the purchase upon receipt. This method is still the preferred method in many countries of Central and especially Eastern Europe, where more than half of online purchases are made with cash on delivery option. We collect all charges and pay them to the bank account you specify at the end of each month.
The countries to which we deliver with the cash on delivery option are: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

Returned shipments

We work with local couriers in each country, which makes returns as easy as possible for the customer. Upon receipt of the returned orders in our warehouse, each product is carefully inspected, and if there is a defect or broken integrity, we send the online merchant a detailed description of the problem along with attached photos. Once returned products pass inspection, they are entered back into our system.

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